Brett Eastman, drums, guitar & Piano

Brett Eastman is a native northern Californian and a graduate of San Francisco State University where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree, studying classical percussion with David Rosenthal, drum set with Akira Tana, piano with Inara Morgenstern, and composition with Richard Festinger, Josh Levine, and Carlos Sánchez-Gutiérrez. He has composed works for the Presidio Ensemble, San Francisco State University's percussion ensemble, while also composing/producing electronic music and doing sound design for films. As a classically trained musician, Brett is understands the importance of good technique and has learned to analyze and interpret the subtle details of a piece of music. These musicianship skills apply directly to his teaching.

Although drum set has always been his principal instrument, his first instrument was guitar, which eventually lead him to piano then keyboards and electronic instruments. Training in classical percussion has given Brett a special understanding of the modern Western percussion instrument family, most notably classical snare drum, timpani, tambourine, and conga drum, as well as mallet instruments including the marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, chimes, and crotales. Brett is an alumnus of the Walden School's Teacher Training institute for music teachers, having completed levels I and II. He has also directed music camps.

Throughout his life, he has been part of various performing music groups based in Redding, France, and San Francisco, where he has resided since 2001. He has performed in bands and ensembles from a wide variety of genres, and has worked as a session musician in many studios in the Bay Area. He has performed throughout the country as well as in Spain and France. Having taught hundreds of amazing students since 2007, Brett considers himself lucky to be a contributor to the growth of music and art in our community through teaching, performing, and composing.




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