guitar workshop for beginners

Learn all the basics for the guitar. This 8-week hourly class is designed for beginners. You will learn basic posture, fundamental chords, strumming patterns, and well known songs from different genres.  Rental fee is $25/month, with full deposit on the instrument (refundable). Please notify us when you sign up if you need a rental.

1. How to handle the guitar properly
2. Learn easy chords and how to apply them into songs from different genres
3. Learn several strumming and picking styles
4. Learn scale and chord formations and how to apply to the guitar
5. Learn how to read guitar music and how to intepret sheet music downloaded from the Internet
6. To accompany yourself on guitar in music of your choice using techniques that you learn in class
7. Learn techniques through many styles of music: folk, country, pop...past and present.

Location: San Bruno
Length: 8 weeks
Tuition: $160

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