how do people say about vibo?

Hamsa (Adult, violin student):

Vibo Music is a great school for learning various instruments. Very affordable. The teachers are great. Vibo offers so many opportunities to improve your skill and confidence levels - multiple student recitals during the year,weekend jam sessions, music camps, special classes for improving certain skills like sight reading or solo playing etc. Whether you are looking for lessons for yourself or your child, I highly recommend seeking music lessons at Vibo.

Kelley (13-year-old, piano & cello student):

ViBO Music Center is a fantastic place for anyone who is interested in learning a musical instrument or in buying one. The music school that is more of a family environment and is welcoming to everybody, whether you are an advanced musician, or a new student. The music instructors love to teach students that love to learn... and it is also all in a very good, and affordable price!! There are also two locations, San Bruno, and San Francisco.

ViBO music teachers helped me to pass the orchestra exam - from Sinfonia, to Nova, and to Peninsula Music Artist - the highest level of young musicians. So, if you want to learn a musical instrument, ViBO Music is the place for you to excel in the musical world. We all need music in our lives!! :-)

Robert (parent of a drums student):

My kid start to study music at Vibo Music Center and it being going pretty well. The teachers are nice and he seems to enjoy it very much. We got him the drums at home and he is playing since then every day. We have class once a week at the afternoon. The scheduling is flexible, and they offer us to take classes in the morning as well if we needed. The price is very and even low comparable to other private classes. I highly recommend this school.

Douglas (15-year-old, piano student):

Vibo Music Center is a great place for anyone to learn to play almost any instrument. Every teacher is friendly, nice, and helpful. The teachers are glad to help and teach any student, from beginning students to expert students. It is a great community where you are very respected and treated great.

Patricia (Family Music Camper):

Our family attended VIBO Family Music Camp in summer 2009 and we loved it!  Fantastic for kids and adults.  Creative musical games/songs/music lessons  for younger kids and enjoyable music lessons for the whole family.   The staff was friendly and knowledgeable in a variety of instruments. Not only did we learn the basics to play violin, drums, ukulele,keyboard and guitar,  we enjoyed singing, salsa dance, and even tai chi!  Not to mention the location and food are fabulous!  We look forward to Vibo Family music camp next year!

Mrs. Muhammed (Parent of Camp Allegro Attendee):

"VIBO Music Camp Allegro was one of this summer's highlights for my two sons.  Both are beginning their musical journey and this was the perfect place for them to embark on this wonderful adventure.  The instructors were encouraging and helpful, as they had never taken a music lesson prior to camp.  My sons have a true passion for learning their instruments, and I was so impressed to see what just one week of one-on-one and group centered learning could produce.  As a mother of a child with a learning difference, I wanted to know that my son would receive patient, yet challenging, instruction.  The ending recital was where I could see this played out.  I am very pleased with the VIBO family and would encourage any parent who wants to see their child shine to take part in this experience."

Xavier (Adult music student):

Vibo Music is a wonderful music school that teaches people of all ages and all levels in many types of musical instruments.  I have known Victor and Denise for quite a few years now.  They run a school that is more of a family environment and is welcoming to everybody, whether you are an advanced musician, or ready to relearn an instrument that you haven't picked up in years, or a newbie, like me.

Lolita (Family Music Camper):

I attended the Vibo Music Camp just for the purpose of driving Clark there, plus it was a weekend off for me anyway so why not. Once the first lesson took place, I realized that I didn't just drive Clark there, but I was actually enjoying it myself.There were several activities that I really enjoyed: keyboard, percussion, fiddling, and guitar with sing-along. I'm glad that I didn't get rid of my son's old instruments because I can now actually play them, much to his surprise. Each day ended with a group gathering where everyone enjoyed each other's company and our newly acquired talents. It was a good opportunity to know other people that you've seen before at Vibo probably during recitals and concerts, but  this time you become friends with them. The teachers were all friendly and accomodating and really made sure that we had a good and rewarding experience.

We were blessed with a  perfect weather so it was really enjoyable to have the percussion under the shade of the trees. We were served with healthy and yummy meals complete with fruits and baked desserts.The music experience was a great break from my busy life and  it felt like a good relaxation therapy. I surely would recommend it to other Vibo family and hope tosee more of them next time and have fun with music together with our children.