Holiday concert 2012

36 Minutes ViBO Holiday Special

Holiday Ensemble - A Christmas Medley

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Student Showcase Recital 2012

1. Madeleine Volfbeyn Plays Piano

2. ViBO Rock Band

3. Jaden & Matthew Zhong

4. Madeleine Bibat Sings "Castle on the Cloud"

5. Sarah Younger on Cello

6. Abby Soriano on Piano

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Camp Allegro, achievement recitals 2012

Photo Slideshow - Achievement Recital March



Holiday concert (2011)

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" / "Feliz Navidad"

ViBO Simfani - "Brejeiro" (A ViBO Simfani Holiday)


students showcase recital (2011)

ViBO Family Orchestra - "September"

Violin Beginners Class Performance


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camp allegro (2011) / Japan benefit concert

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Violin Beginners Class Performance

Japen Benefit Concert Photo Slideshow

Holiday concert (2010, 2009)

Holiday Ensemble - "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

Holiday Ensemble - Christmas Concerto by Corelli

"Have Yourselfe a Merry Little Christmas"

students showcase recital (oct. 30, 2010)

The Highlights

New Kids Broadway Group - "Green Eggs & Ham"

Family Orchestra - "Sing"

Family Orchestra - "Andalucia"

Missing Link - "Broken Records"

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music camps (july 2010)

Family Camp Video Special

Family Camp Photo Slideshow

Camp Allegro Photo Slideshow

youth ensemble (spring, 2010)

"Viva la Vida"

New World Symphony by Dvorak

"When You Wish Upon a Star"

haiti benefit concert (march, 2010)

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ViBO Teachers - "Someday We'll All Be Free

ViBO Teachers - "Someday We'll All Be Free